McMahon Consulting Group designs tools to count what counts. We help nonprofits demonstrate their impact by creating logic models, outcome-based measures and program evaluation plans.  We interpret raw data from assessments and outcomes, producing reports that businesses, schools, nonprofits and citizens can act upon.

We specialize in using data to improve program performance and to demonstrate the value of your organization. McMahon Consulting Group gives you the tools to make this case:

  1. Effectiveness (the program works)
  2. Efficiency (the program provides excellent value for donor/taxpayer dollars)
  3. Uniqueness (no one else does what the program does)

Products and services:

  • Better Use of Data
  • Impact Evaluation Design
  • Return on Investment Analysis

What Our Clients Are Saying...

We’ve hired McMahon Consulting Group three times in the last year. First, to train programs on an implementation culture of getting things right at the start rather than just in time at the end; second to coach them to better document progress of effort and success, and third to translate their successes to financial support and sustainability. The feedback has been great. Programs have responded really well to the coaching, and we’re excited to see how things will align in the course of a program year.

- Shayla Williams, Senior Program Officer

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