Commissions forge local solutions to local problems. At McMahon Consulting Group, we embrace the power of state service commissions to create, promote, support and monitor service and volunteer opportunities. McMahon Consulting Group helps commissions generate outside support and do more with less.

McMahon Consulting Group is a national leader in creating collaborative relationships between programs and commissions. Our team has almost 10 years experience serving as commission staff, and has managed competitive and formula portfolios of over $3 million per year. We fill gaps for commissions, stepping in to lead and staff short-term projects.  We conduct compliance audits, design and manage grant application and review processes. We develop ‘return on investment’ indicators for commissions and their programs.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

McMahon Consulting Group knows its stuff. Cole and his team are insiders. They've worked for years at Commissions and managed programs at every level. They are a factory for ideas. I think of them as a Swiss Army Knife: strategy, coaching for programs, efficiency, fundraising-- whatever a state and its programs need, they just fix things.

- Tom Branen, Executive Director, America’s Service Commissions

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