We created McMahon Consulting Group to strengthen the capacity of nonprofit organizations, corporations and government agencies to forge solutions to pressing problems. Cole and Amanda McMahon have trained staff and supported organizations on five continents and in all fifty US states.

We engage businesses in community change. 

We invent, scale and sustain high-impact programs. 

We accomplish the tasks that fall off your plate. 

We help organizations that do good, do better.

Who We Are

Amanda Sodoma McMahon is a leader with 20+ years experience in the fields of corporate social development, youth development, and education reform. Amanda is the architect of hundreds of school-business partnerships and school-to-career programs. She created a number of tools for employers and community organizations, including A Decade of Promising Practices: Lessons Learned from the Bridge to Employment Program and the three-part BTE Volunteer Training Guide series.

She co-developed Seven Principles of Success: A Primer for Business-led Coalitions, The Changing Landscape of Economic Development and Workforce Development and the Business Coalition Update. An avid volunteer in local schools, Amanda advises state governments and develops parent-friendly resources, aimed at improving the school readiness of young children.

Cole McMahon has devoted his career to inventing, scaling and sustaining national service programs. In his 20 years in government and nonprofit service, he has the distinction of leading both AmeriCorps*State and National programs and serving as a program and training officer.

He has placed AmeriCorps members in 50 states, quadrupled the budgets of two programs, and designed programs to help victims of disasters from the Joplin, Missouri tornado and Hurricane Katrina to the BP oil spill and the foreclosure crisis.

Cole has raised over $15M for national service programs. As a volunteer, he has organized fundraisers for autism research and has helped build a school in Southern Sudan.